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Connecticut's Premier Adult Men's Soccer League

Over 40 Division (16 teams) - established 2006     Over 50 Division (6 Teams) - Inaugural season Fall 2017

Congratulations to the 2017 Over 40 State Cup Participants

Four teams move on to the semi-finals in this years cup competition: Rovers, Celtic, Cavaliers, and Berlin. Great job representing the quality of your teams and the league. 

Congratulations to our 2016-17 Champions:
Over 40 Regular Season: Hartford Cavaliers          Over 40 Knockout: Windsor Rovers

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SNEASL WELCOMES Hartford City FC, Connecticut's New Professional Soccer Team. Click above to read all about 'em.

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2017 Bylaw Vote

Team Vote Option
Andover 2
Berlin 1
Bloomfield United 1
Bloomfield Social
Burlington 1
Celtic 1
Colchester 1
Hartford 1
Negus 2
Polonez 1
Rovers 2
Simsbury 1
Suffield 2
Terryville 1
Union St. 1
Windsor Locks 1
  • Option 1: You accept the bylaws as written
  • Option 2: You accept the bylaws with Section 14.2 removed in its entirety
  • Option 3: You accept the bylaws with Section 14.2 modified to only include red cards. Each red card is worth 1 point and any team accumulating 5 points in a half will be fined $350
  • Option 4: You reject the bylaws in their entirety

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