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2018 Spring AGM Meeting Minutes

04/10/2018, 1:15pm EDT

Minutes for SNEASL 2018 Spring Kickoff Meeting

March 11, 2018 -- LP Wilson Community Center, Windsor


Meeting opened at 10:03 a.m. with President Garfield Green making opening remarks. Minutes presented by Secretary Chris Cowles and accepted by attendees.


Treasurer Gerry Fawthrop reported that cash on hand is $11,700, up from $10,500. CSSA has dropped the $2.50 per player charge that is part of every player registration. SNEASL is currently running at a “break even” pace which is the goal.


Vice President/Registrar Joe explained how the league will be merging to Blue Star as the new registration platform following CSSA’s change. Initially, Sport Engine was intended to align CSSA with USSF, bringing player ID and tracking in line via one player/one ID number. Blue Star rolled back charges to $17.50 per player for CSSA due to not-for-profit status and will not levy a charge to use the platform minus a $2 per player transaction charge. When fall portion of the season starts, annual league payments by SNEASL will be made directly to CSSA, instead of in the spring.


Rich said there are currently four Over-50 teams, potentially five, that have expressed interest in playing in a new SNEASL league. SNEASL wants to have at least six before rolling out the eight-v-eight league where games will be played on a smaller field.


Regarding the bylaws, Rich discussed “contentious” team discipline which is covered in Section 14.2 of the bylaws where players would be penalized, not teams, based on players’ behavior. Teams are currently assigned a disciplinary point system and if a team garners more than three points in a three-game span, they would be forced to have assistant referees for specific timeframes, up to the end of the season as well as other fine-based thresholds.


A motion to remove 14.2 from the bylaws was heard and supported by a unanimous vote.


Rich stressed the importance of filling out and returning referee surveys in an effort to strengthen the referee pool for the league.


Only one match, Suffield v Simsbury, has to be made up from the fall portion of the season. 


To close the meeting, Green conducted the bi-annual election of board members. No one stood or was nominated for president, vice president, registrar, treasurer, webmaster or referee coordinator so Green, Rich (VP/registrar), Fawthrop, Brian Keigan and Michael Christian remain in their respective roles.


Andre Murray stood for secretary, but following a 9-4 vote by attendees, Cowles remains in that role.


Following the meeting, Murray volunteered to take on the role of registrar which was welcomed by the board as Rich will cede that responsibility to him.


Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

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