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SNEASL Documents

2016-2017 State Cup Application

All teams from both divisions are encouraged to participate in the State Cup.  

New Change - Prize Money for the Cup Champion $$$!!
Dead Line for Entry Sunday, October 1, 2017

Player Liability Waiver Form

This form must be filled out and signed by each player in order to participate in the league - no exceptions. No pass will be created without this form.

Team Information Form

New teams must complete this form as part of becoming registered with the league. Changes for existing teams must be submitted on the form. Send completed forms to  


These Bylaws are an addendum to the FIFA and USSF Bylaws. The SNEASL Bylaws will supercede the others if conflicting rules exist.

CSSA Field Insurance Request Form

Teams are required to obtain a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for any field it uses as a home field. If you may use several fields owned & operated by a particular town, then you may cover all the town's fields on a single COI form. If you use fields (including backups) that are privately owned & operated or are in multiple towns, then you must submit a separate COI request for the field(s) that are separately owned & operated. Here are instructions on how to fill out and submit your request for a Certificate of Insurance:
1) Open the attached form below, which already has our league information pre-filled.
2) Please fill out the form completely and accurately. You must include email addresses for both Team Manager and Facility Owner.
3) If there are several teams within a Club that play on the same fields, one COI can be issued for all teams. If so, list all teams by age division in the Team section of the form.
4) If you may play on multiple fields in the same town, then enter "ALL FIELDS" in the Facility Name section at the bottom of the form so you will be covered for all fields in that town.
5) Email a copy of the form to the COI Coordinator, Julia Connor. Her email address is at the top of the form. NOTE: Do NOT send the form to the U.S.A.S.A.
7) Normal processing time is 7-14 days. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY AND SUBMIT WELL IN ADVANCE.
8) After receiving your COI via email from Julia, forward a copy via email to